Video: Asian Tour 2016 Part 3

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Visiting Google's Youtube Space London
Google recently invited me to their space...
In Bali With Omar & Hallex M
Quality time in Bali :-) Vlog 52
Bali: the tourist's epilogue
Vlog No. 53
London To Bali In 24h
Vlog 51
The Day I Got 3 Electric Guitars
Vlog 49
Minimoog Model D!
Fun With My New Tracks
Tribute to Al Jarreau
Afro-House DJ Set
Streamed Live From The Studio
Bali Gig Announcement
Join me in Bali with Omar & Hallex M!
Live From My Studio
Feb 2017
NYE In Bordeaux
Vlog 48
Merry Xmas 2016
Vlog 47!
Sunlightsquare LIVE PA/DJ
Shoreditch, London
8:55 Asia Tour 2016 Part 2
Vlog 45
Asia Tour 2016 Part 1
Vlog 44
Vlog 043
Ade 2016 Season Finale
Here's how the cookie crumbles in Amsterdam ;-) Vlog 42
Real life ADE 2016
Vlog 41
From Mexico To Amsterdam
From Mexico To Amsterdam Dance Event! Vlog n.41
Mi Casa Holiday Final Episode
Afro-Latin House, tropical beaches, mezcal and love in Mexico!
Live From My Hotel Room
Vlog 39
Welcome To Playa Del Carmen
Vlog 38
What Happened In Mexico!
Vlog 37
Late Summer In Hamburg!
Vlog 36
Recording "I Am Africa" in Naples!
Recording "I Am Africa" in Naples! Vlog n.35
Vlog N.34
Trains, Graffiti & Reggaeton: Vlog N.34!
Past & Present - Vlog 033
Passport: my past & my present. Vlog N.33
Remixing Michael Jackson
Remixing Michael Jackson @Doctor Mix studios
My New Live DJ/Keys Setup
Bringing my live set around the world ;-) Vlog N.31
Farage Remix
Playing along with Nigel Farage's nonsense.
Playing Theremin Over Vinyl
Playing Theremin Over Vinyl
I Am Africa: A Teaser
Composing on my rhodes, mixing a new single!
Live Studio DJ Set & Keyboards
A live dj set from earlier @ the Sunlightsquare studio
How To Make It In The Music Business
How to make it in the music business? Vlog N.27
Live Afro House
Playing keyborads on my upcoming release "Celebration Of Oggun"
How Not To Boat In Amsterdam
don't do this
Sunlightsquare Flies to Rio!
Sunlightsquare Flies To Rio! Daily Vlog 024.
Bob Marley's Bass
Bob Marley's Bass. Daily Vlog N.023
Great Guitars In London
Great Guitars In London! Daily Vlog 022
Making House Music
Here's how I construct by House beats on Native Instruments Maschine 2
Vinyl Test Pressing
Vinyl Test Pressing:-) Kinda Vlog 020
Rome & The Art Of Noise
Rome & The Art Of Noise. Daily Vlog 018
Composing Music On Camera
A night producing music with the amazing Josue Ferreira
Roll The Tape
Roll The Tape! Daily Vlog 016
Isn't She Lovely For 2 Rhodes
Isn't She Lovely For 2 Rhodes :-) Daily Vlog 015
Vamonos Pal Monte Beatbox
Vamonos Pal Monte ;-) Daily Vlog 014
DJ Vinyl Transitions
My DJ Vinyl Transitions! Daily Vlog 013
DJ Vinyl Set - Full Stream
Vinyl DJ Set! Daily Vlog 012
Beatboxing My Way To Work
Beatboxing My Way To Work :-) Daily Vlog 011
I Need An Assistant!
Apply on
How I Record Soulful House
How I Record Soulful House! Vlog 008
Vinyl Italo Disco Baby!
Vinyl Italo Disco Baby! Daily Vlog 007
Kraftwerk For Piano
Kraftwerk For Piano! Daily Vlog 006
Mini Camera Drones!
Quadcopter Cheerson CX-10C
Independent Musicians Have A Future
Daily Vlog n.004
Yamaha Music London Get Ready
Daily Vlog 003!
Inside My Studio sunlightsquare
This is where the magic happens
Street Beat Making
Beat making around the streets of London
Sunlightsquare Live @ Calle Ocho
Crazy closing party with Omar Lye-Fook
Calle Ocho Gets Sexy!
Day N.2 in Bordeaux with DJ TONY TOUCH, Don Chezina and more...
I Begin My Daily Vlog On March 16th 2016
A life not shared is a life not lived.
Fear And Loathing In Bordeaux
My first day at Calle Ocho Café Cubano's 20th b-day!
Building Beats! A travelling Vlog n.7
A traveling in Hamburg
Beat Making Skills
Live Beat Making @ Mojo Club in Hamburg
Michael Jackson for piano
Here's my piano remix of "I Can't Help It"
London vs Rome! Vlog n.5
Art, music, cars, cocktails & friends in two amazing cities
Ochosi - A cuban Story
Claudio goes to Cuba to record with a group of Santeros
ADE 2015 - Day 5
Here's the fifth and final day at the ADE 2015 in Amsterdam. It has been a blast!
ADE 2015 - Day 4
Day n.4 @ ADE 2015, Amsterdam.
ADE 2015 - Day 3
Here's how the third day went, ADE 2015, Amsterdam.
ADE 2015 - Day 2
Here's the second day at the ADE 2015 in Amsterdam.
ADE 2015 - More From Day 1
A bit more about my first day at the ADE 2015 in Amsterdam.
ADE 2015 - Day 1
This is the first day at ADE 2015, Amsterdam.
Abbilona's "Masters Of Batá" - Documentary
A mini documentary about the Yoruba music scene viewed from the inside!
Preparing the Set for the ADE 2015
This is how I get ready for the live shows at ADE 2015, in Amsterdam. Vlog n.4
Behind the scenes: releasing Abbilona's "Masters Of Batá"
From the Sunlightsquare studios, some scenes about the realising of Abbilona's "Masters Of Batá". Vlog n.3
I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun - For Piano
Here's me, playing "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" with my piano!
Eating and Remixing Yoruba Music
Here I am remixing Abillona's album "Masters Of Batá". Vlog n.2
Inside Sunlightsquare Studios
An insightful video about how the Sunlightsquare music is made. Vlog n.1
"Super People" Official Video
The official video for the acclaimed single Super People, by Sunlightsquare!
Sunlightsquare Live DJ Set in Hong Kong & Vietnam
Sunlightsquare travelled to Asia in March 2015 to perform at the Go South Weekender in Hong Kong and Saigon Soul Pool Party in Vietnam (and a few more!). Here's a short clip of what went down during this trip.
Sunlightsquare Live DJ Set @ Mojo Club
A 2 minute recap of Sunlightsquare's headline show at the Mojo Club in Hamburg (Germany) on Saturday 24th January 2015.
Sunlightsquare vinyl set @ Korall Bar
A 1 minute recap of Sunlightsquare's vinyl set at Korall Bar in Hamburg (Germany) ahead of the headline show at the Mojo Club on Saturday 24th January 2015.
Sunlightsquare live @ Calle Ocho
Here's Claudio with DJ Hallex M from Hong Kong and vocalist Angel Yos from Cuba jamming in Bordeaux's hottest spot: Calle Ocho Cafe' Cubano
Live DJ Set
Claudio's new project is the Sunlightsquare Live-DJ-Set where he transforms the power of a 12-piece band into an hot one-man-show DJ-Set. He is not just spinning music, but remixing on the spot, adding sound effects such as drums & percussion while playing live piano. Watch it now!
"Ochosi" Official Music Video (Cuba)
Video clip/documentary about the recording of King Yoruba in Havana
The making of "King Yoruba"
35 musicians meet in a converted theatre at the National Cuban Television studios (ICRT) to record Latin-Jazz versions of Salsa and House classics! Introducing "King Yoruba" the brand new album from Sunlightsquare.
CUBAN FURY Trailer (Nick Frost - 2014)
From the team behind Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead Spotlight hits, sweat drips, heels click - Nick Frost IS Cuban Fury ! Beneath Bruce Garrett's shabby, overweight exterior, the passionate beating heart of a salsa king lays dormant. Only one woman can reignite his Latin fire. Spotlight hits, sweat drips, heels click - Nick Frost IS Cuban Fury.
Sunlightsquare: recording "Britannia Shing-A-Ling"
Here's a behind the scenes about the recording of Sunlightsquare's 2011 album @ Miloco Studios in London! Featuring Claudio Passavanti, Ernesto Simpson, Tasita D'mour, Sharlene Hector, Brendan Reilly and the rest of a massive 22 piece band! Buy "Land Of 1000 Dances" on
Sunlightsquare - O Mi Shango: The recording
A behind the scenes: The live recording of Britannia Shing-A-Ling @ Miloco Studios (London)
The real behind the scenes: Britannia Shing-A-Ling
Rehearsal, takes, fun, bloopers and interviews while recording Sunlightsquare's Britannia Shingaling, live @ Miloco studios in London.
Steve Gadd in studio with Sunlightsquare
NYC behind the scenes. Steve's great performance on Sunlightsquare "Urban Sessions" with Will Lee.